Max previews Sochi: 'Aim for at least a podium'

Published on 24 September 2020 by Stefan Meens

Despite a double DNF at Monza and Mugello, Max Verstappen arrived in good spirits at the Sochi circuit ahead of the Russian Grand Prix. “Of course, it’s not good to have three DNFs in nine races, but it is what it is, I can’t change it. We had some good conversations after Mugello, also with Honda, and it’s explained what went wrong and Honda say it is solved. Hopefully, we can fight for the podium every weekend now.”

The issue at Monza was different to the problem at Mugello. “The issue, which was software related, was able to be simulated on the test rig, so I’m confident that we’ve learned from it and it’s now fixed. And at least I won’t be asked about my championship chances”, joked Max, who went on the say: “I honestly never had the feeling we had a chance at it.”

Regarding Honda, Max remains optimistic: “You have to be able to be honest to each other, be clear and able to explain and discuss what went wrong. That definitely happened. We are working together to hopefully get good results”, said Max, who’s situation has not really changed: “I always try to make the most out of it, every weekend. I don’t think my position in the standings changed anything.”

Looking ahead to this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, Max is cautious. “Sochi has never been a top track for us, so I’m not expecting miracles, but I’ll try to get a podium. With all those 90 degree corners, you can’t really make a difference and with the long straights, we know that other teams will be close, especially in qualifying. But I’m not worried about the race”, Max concluded.

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