Max previews British GP: 'Won't be as easy as in Austria'

Published on 15 July 2021 by Stefan Meens

On Thursday, Formula 1 unveiled its 2022 concept model. Based on the new regulations, the model gives a glimpse of what next year’s cars could look like. “As drivers we said we’d like to see different cars that give us better racing. That’s how Formula 1 and all the other parties came to this concept. I’m excited to find out about the racing next year. The model shows us how the cars could look. At Red Bull Racing we’ll obviously have to design our own car.”

The cars will be slower, but the racing should improve, that is the thought behind the new cars. What is your take on that? “As a driver, you want to be as fast as possible, but at the moment it’s just really difficult to overtake. I don’t mind if we’re three or four seconds slower if it gives us better racing. It’s always give and take. With the current cars you can go so fast through a corner and brake so late, it’s really difficult to outbreak someone or to overtake.

Looking ahead to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, this weekend’s schedule differs to normal race weekends, following the introduction of the sprint race. “It means it’s important to set up the car straight away”, explains Max. “Of course, this all starts with simulator work back in the factory. I hope we’ve done a good job there. During the first practice, we’ll try to adjust the set-up here and there, but hopefully we don’t have to do much.”

On Saturday, FP2 is followed by a sprint race, which will determine the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix. The winner of the sprint will gain three points. Do you think you will be more careful during the shorter race? “The principle is the same; I will try to win that race. Of course you keep the risks in mind, but if you can win, you go for it. As long as you make sure you finish, otherwise you’ll start at the back for the important race on Sunday.”

The competition is fierce, but you are leading the championships and you’ve won the last three races. Are you the favourite for the British Grand Prix? “I see Silverstone as a race that we’ll try to win. I don’t think it will be as easy as in Austria, I think it’ll be more challenging now. But we’ll see. There are still a lot of races to go and Mercedes won’t give up. Every weekend we have to try to be ahead of them. We must concentrate on ourselves and not what others are doing. Getting the most out of ourselves is all we can do.”

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