Jos after USA GP: “Max never put his foot wrong”

Published on 25 October 2015 by Mike Motilall

After seeing his son, Max Verstappen, finish in fourth in the USA GP, father Jos tells Sport1: “It was unbelievable exciting, great! Max, in my view, never put a foot wrong. He drove a perfect race. Something like this is always tense: 'Will he make it?' We have seen on too many occasions, him dropping out in the final laps. I was pacing nervously and hoping that everything would go well.”

Regarding the race pace, Jos says: “The Toro Rosso is working as it should. But on the straights, you cannot compete with the Ferrari or Mercedes. It serves no point in fighting them, you will just lose time, so it’s best to just let them pass.”

“Max has done very well. His tyres were completely worn in the final lap”, Jos relays regarding the progression of the race. “The team had a perfect strategy, just outstanding. We scored a lot of points and are trailing the sixth spot by only seven points. That’s our target still for this year.”

Did you ever dream that two fourth places were attainable this season? “Definitely not. In the early stages of this campaign, you are happy if you even score some points. With 45 points so far, it has been a perfect year for Max, and it’s only his first, it can only get better!”. Like the other Verstappen, who finished twice in third? “Yes, but that won’t take too long!”