Max previews Sochi: 'Important to look forward and keep pushing'

Published on 21 September 2021 by Niels Hendrix

Talking to Max Verstappen, the Dutch Red Bull Racing driver is beings asked how he is feeling now, having had time to reflect on the race in Monza. Max replies: “I think you can reflect all you like but it’s important to look forward and keep pushing. I still believe it was a racing incident, but we have been given a three-place grid penalty and we just have to work with it now. The race in Monza definitely wasn’t our day for many reasons, but now I just plan to look forward to Sochi.”

Last season you claimed Red Bull Racing’s first ever podium at Sochi. Does that give you confidence heading into this weekend’s challenge? Max: “It was great to finish second there last year in Sochi especially as it has never been a good track for us as a team. We have been more competitive this year and we have a better package at the moment so it will be interesting to see how competitive we can be there this year. It will be of course completely different to Monza and it looks like there might be some rain this weekend. The track itself and the layout is completely different to the previous races so I’m definitely looking forward to going back there and seeing what we can do.”

You are leading the drivers’ championship by five points after Monza, how much influence will the three-place grid penalty have on your strategy for the race? Max explains: “The penalty is of course not ideal but nothing is lost, that’s how I look at it. As for the drivers’ championship, we still have a lot of races ahead of us and it’s a very tiny margin. We will try and make the most from the weekend and work with the package we have.”