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Questions about Austrian GP
Stricter entry policy

The organization of the GP of Austria has tightened the entry policy for this year. For example, it is forbidden to bring flares/fireworks and your own alcoholic beverages to the circuit. If you are caught with these items you must leave the circuit immediately. A detailed overview of what is not allowed on the circuit can be found in the Orange Army app or in our.

What is the address of the Red Bull Ring?

Projekt Spielberg GmbH & Co KG
Red Bull Ring Straße 1
A-8724 Spielberg

Directions around the circuit

You can reach the Red Bull Ring from the St. Michael interchange from the S36 freeway. The Red Bull Ring can be reached from both the Knittelfeld-West and Zeltweg East exits. From there you can follow the traffic instructions and you will be guided to a parking lot. Depending on the color coding of your ticket, fans will be guided by signs along the highway to the appropriate parking lots belonging to the ticket, which are within walking distance of the circuit. Upon arrival, pay attention to the color of your ticket and choose the correct exit when exiting the highway.

  • Nord grandstand (green tickets): Knittelfeld West
  • Mitte grandstand (yellow tickets): Zeltweg Ost
  • West grandstand (blue tickets): Zeltweg West

You can park for free in the parking lots at the Red Bull Ring. Please note! A limited number of disabled parking spaces are also available in each parking lot.


Camp sites

Please note that the arrival and departure is possible at the following times:


  • Wednesday & Thursday: You can enter the campsites at any time of the day
  • Friday: Due to expected heavy traffic arrival before 09:00 is strongly recommended
  • Saturday: Arrival before 09:00 is strongly recommended
  • Sunday: Departure after 20:00

To help distribute campers around the sites as well as possible on Thursday, they are to be led along the S36 Murtal road by LED direction screens. For the Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange campsites, the Knittelfeld West motorway exit is recommended. Those staying at the Blue and Red campsites should turn off at Zeltweg West, however.

More information on reservations and campsite rules can be found here.

Travel by Train

Free shuttle buses run from Knittelfeld station to the track.
A train ticket to Knittelfeld station can be purchased relatively cheaply.

Travel by Bus

From Knittelfeld train station and Judenburg bus station (Postgasse), free shuttle buses run to the track every 15 to 30 minutes.

What can I bring to the track

You can find a list of all permitted and prohibited items here under Access Criteria.


Spectators are prohibited from bringing objects of any kind that can be thrown or shot, or that could otherwise disturb or endanger the peace, order and safety of the event site.


Pyrotechnics articles of all kinds are prohibited. In general, the bringing of fireworks, smoke bombs, incendiary devices, sticks, poles, garden and other large umbrellas, glass bottles, stones, stabbing, cutting and slashing objects as well as weapons of all kind are prohibited.

The parking spaces P5, P7, P10 and P11 have biker cloakrooms. All equipment can be handed over for a fee of ten euros per box (50 x 40 x 40cm). The cloakroom fee can be paid by card or in cash.


Opening times:

Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00

Sunday from 07:30 to 18:00

When will the (digital) e-tickets be sent?

After placing an order, it may take a while before the (digital) e-tickets are sent. The main booker will receive the e-tickets approximately 3 weeks before the start of the GP in question.

When will the travel bag be shipped?

PLEASE NOTE: the Max Verstappen Travel Bag with the orange support T-shirt and goodies can only be collected at the Info Point of Verstappen Travel.

Your E-ticket is also the receipt you need to pick up your Travel Bag at our trailers.


What to do in case of an emergency?

If you need help, dial 133 or 112. Police officers will be send to your immediately. The more specific your information about your location is, the faster the police can be on site.


It is always best to dial 133 or 112. But of course the police are also on site. The officials are on the race site themselves and there is a separate police station directly at the Welcome Center.

General travel questions
Where can I set the size of my T-shirt?

You can do this during the personalization of your ticket in your account.

Is it possible to order more than 10 tickets?

If you would like to attend the Grand Prix with a group larger than 10 people, please contact our support team via [email protected] to consult the possibilties. 

Can I order a day ticket?

We only sell weekend tickets, these are valid from Friday up to and including Sunday. It is unfortunately not possible to order a day ticket for, for example, only Sunday.

For Dutch GP we only sell passepartout tickets. These are the same three day tickets we sell for other races (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We follow the naming that Dutch GP uses to distinguish our tickets from their standaard 2-day weekend tickets (Saturday, Sunday).

What happens if the Grand Prix is cancelled or the public is not allowed to attend?

We assume that the Grand Prix will go ahead as planned for this year with an audience. If this is not the case, ticket buyers will have the option again to keep their ticket for the next year or request a refund.

Can I specify where I want to sit in the grandstand?

For the races in 2022 yes, subject to change. You can choose your own seats, but we reserve the right to deviate from this. This may be necessary if events cannot go ahead in full or if grandstands are being adjusted after we start selling.

For the races in 2021, seating arrangements are changing during the sale process and often subject to restrictions. Unfortunately we have no influence on them. All tickets from your order will of course be seated next to each other in the stands. Because the seating plan has already been decided, we cannot accept requests for seats to be moved.

Will I receive more information concerning the race?

About 2 weeks before the race, we will try to inform our fans via mail with as much information about the race as we have available.

Can I change the name on my tickets?

This is possible up to 3 weeks before the Grand Prix. As soon as the tickets have been sent, it is no longer possible to change the name on the ticket. We will send the digital tickets as soon as possible, approximately 1 week before the race.

If I have placed an order for tickets, can I cancel/revoke it?

We have received green light for the race with full attendance. This means we cannot cancel with the organisation. Because of this, we cannot take cancelation requests into account for the orders which are admitted. We as Verstappen Travel follow the terms and conditions for delivering the tickets for the chosen Grand Prix.

Will the pitlane walk talk place?

Different circuits use different guidelines, based on circumstances at the time. These change regularly, so always check the website of the circuit for the latest information.

For Austria you can only join the pitlane walk if you have bought an additional ticket for the pitlane walk.

For Belgium the pitlane walk has been canceled.

What are the possibilities for children?

The maximum ages for kids tickets vary per circuit and are determined by the different circuits:

  • For Austria, a ticket can be ordered for children up to 14 years old for € 49.
  • For Hungary, tickets for children up to 13 years old can be ordered for € 49.
  • For Belgium a ticket for children up to 12 years old can be ordered for € 70.
  • for Zandvoort and Spain, no tickets for children can be ordered.

To check the age of the child, he or she is obliged to bring an identification document to the track. Decisive for the amount of the ticket price is the age of the child at the start of the GP weekend and not the moment of purchase. Two children's tickets can be obtained per adult ticket.

Do I also get a goodiebag with a kids ticket?

Each kids ticket also includes an exclusive Max Verstappen Travel Bag with content.

What are the shipping and/or service costs?

When ordering your e-tickets, no shipping costs, service costs or other additional costs will be charged.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Yes, the advantage of creating an account is that you have an overview of your (previous) orders.

I am disabled. Are there special facilities for me?

The grandstands for which we sell tickets are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible and there are no seats for disabled visitors. Possibilities for disabled visitors can be found on the circuit's website.

When will the (digital) e-tickets be sent?

After placing an order, it may take a while before the (digital) e-tickets are sent. You will receive the e-tickets approximately 3 weeks before the start of the GP in question.

Will the Max Verstappen Travel Bag with content be send earlier?

This varies on a circuit by circuit basis. In 2023 the Max Verstappen Travel Bags for the races in Hungary and Spain will be shipped prior to the event. You will receive them about a week before the event.


At the Austrian Grand Prix the Max Verstappen Travel Bag with the orange support t-shirt and goodies could only be collected at the Info Point of Verstappen Travel.


When will the prizes be raffled?

A Paddock Tour will be raffled at the latest one week before the start of the GP. Only people who have bought a ticket for one of the Max Verstappen Tribunes via have a chance to win the prizes. Winners must be able to present the ticket with the winning seat number in order to receive their prize.

The other prizes will be raffled after the race.


I have been on holiday for more than 1 week before the Grand Prix, what now?

You will receive a (digital) e-ticket, so keep an eye on your mailbox. Tickets are not sent by post.



What can I take with me on the circuit?

The organization of the event decides which items are allowed or not allowed on the circuit. For more information see the website of the circuit.

Am I also allowed on the general area?

Yes, your grandstand ticket is an access card to the circuit with a (reserved) seat on the grandstand in question. With this ticket you are also allowed to enter the general area.

How can I personalise my tickets?

You can personalize your tickets following the steps below:

Note: You can only use one email address per person. Using the same mail address multiple times will result in an error message.
If no email address is available, you may use a fictitious email address. Tickets will eventually be sent to the mail address used to place the order.

How do I personalize my tickets:
1. Log in at: with your existing customer account (email address) on our website.
2. Click on orders and then on your order number
3. Press Manage Personalization
4. Forward the ticket to be personalized to the ticket holder so he or she can personalize it

How do I personalize a child's ticket?

If the child does not have an email address or mobile number, the email address and/or phone number of the parent may be used.


Please note: each e-mail address can only be used once. If the parent is also visiting the race you will have to use an alias or another e-mail address. Do not use an e-mail address that you do not own. If you do that, we will not be able to contact you should the situation occur. Below you can find instructions how to create an alias:



If you have a g-mail address, you automatically have unlimited aliases of that address. If you own the e-mail address [email protected] you can add a + and a suffix to create different unique e-mail addresses. If you personalise with [email protected] you will receive the mail of that address on your main address. mail

On you have to create an alias explicitly. You can do this at

There you can choose an e-mail address and use that to personalise.


Practical information Austria

Ordering a ticket via assures you of a seat on the original Max Verstappen Grandstand. Organize this Grand Prix visit in detail by also thinking about transport and accommodation. You take care of these matters yourself: we only give a few tips.

Where can I park my car?
Depending on the colour of the ticket, you will be directed to the nearest free parking space. Visitors can park for free. Parking place P10 is closest to the Max Verstappen Premium (Nord) grandstand, the Orange (Mitte) grandstand, the T8 and T10 grandstands. If you are sitting at the Max Verstappen Orange West grandstand it is best to park at P5, P7, P9 or P12. Make sure you are on time.


GrandPrix.Camp - Official Travel Partner

As Official Partner of Verstappen Travel, GrandPrix.Camp facilitates the ultimate racing experience for Formula 1 and GP fans through front row racing camping during the GP in Austria. Just behind the main grandstand of the Red Bull Ring at a 5 minute walk from the circuit you will spend the night in the middle of the action. With GrandPrix.Camp you go for the ultimate in convenience: your accommodation is ready for you and you can enjoy a carefree weekend of fun. More info and booking: GrandPrix.Camp

Officially designated campsites

In the vicinity of the Red Bull Ring circuit in Spielberg (Austria) there are several campsites where you can go with your own tent, caravan or motorhome. Book one of the officially designated campsites via GP Ticket Shop.

Travelling to the Red Bull Ring
The Red Bull Ring is quick and easy to reach by car. From Munich it is an about 4.5 hours drive and from the Netherlands about 10 to 11 hours (without stops). Parking at the circuit is free and well arranged, but it is very busy. Depending on the color of the ticket you will be directed to the nearest free parking lot. Visitors can park for free. Parking lot P10 is closest to both the Max Verstappen Premium grandstand and the Orange grandstand. If you are sitting at the Max Verstappen Orange West grandstand it is best to park at P5, P7, P9 or P12. Make sure you are on time.

Graz Airport is 85 kilometres from the Spielberg racetrack and Vienna International Airport is 200 kilometres away. Buses and extra trains run from Vienna to the circuit during the Formula 1 weekend.


Practical information Belgium

Ordering a ticket via assures you of a seat on the original Max Verstappen Grandstand. Organize this Grand Prix visit in detail by also thinking about transport and accommodation. You take care of these matters yourself: we only give a few tips.

Where can I park my car?
Parking at the track is good, but it's very crowded. Car Park Red is closest to the Max Verstappen grandstand. Via the website of Spa Grand Prix you can order your parking tickets.

Accommodations and officially designated campsites
In the vicinity of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Stavelot (Belgium) there are several campsites. Camping Green is closest to the Max Verstappen grandstand.

Travelling to Circuit Spa-Francorchamps
The circuit is easily accessible by car. From Maastricht it is about an hour's drive. Parking at the circuit is good, but it is very busy. Car Park Red is closest to the Max Verstappen grandstand.

If you travel by train, you can best get to Francorchamps. For more information about the train journey in Belgium, please consult the circuit website.



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